About Us

Delorean Energy Pty Ltd is the development and operating company for a proposed bioenergy facility to be located north of Adelaide in South Australia.

The proposed facility will divert organic waste streams from Adelaide’s metropolitan food processing sector which would otherwise go to landfill, to deliver dispatchable, baseload renewable electricity into Adelaide’s electricity grid, with the option to deliver mains-grade natural gas to Adelaide’s gas network.

The bioenergy facility will use mature and secure anaerobic digestion technology, using natural biological processes in a fully-contained environment to produce biogas for use as generator fuel and for upgrade to biomethane (natural gas).

The facility is expected to also provide new markets for agricultural waste streams which are suitable for energy generation.

It is proposed to develop the facility in two stages, commencing with an 8MW baseload generation capacity in the first stage, scaling to 15MW baseload generation capacity in the second stage.

Delorean Energy’s proposed bioenergy facility is subject to the South Australian Government’s normal planning, development, environmental and regulatory approvals.